Through the years, unfortunately, we've lost a few clients due to disputes regarding our winter policy.  I've found this very frustrating because I've been
removing dog waste in Michigan for over ten winters now, and consider myself very much an expert. In fact, I've had other harsh winter scooping companies
ask if they could copy aspects of our winter policy and explanation. I dare say that none of the clients that have had problems with our winter policy have
ever removed dog waste when it's buried under 6 inches of snow or frozen solid to the ground. I know this because if they had, they would not be disputing
our policy. As follows are some of the conditions we encounter during winter.

Recent Snow Fall:
When we receive a couple inches of snow or more, depending on the size of the waste, the snow can easily cover and hide the dog waste and make it
literally impossibly for us to find.

Older Snow and Waste On Top Of It:
As you know, in Michigan, snow often remains on the ground for weeks, yet dogs continue to do their business. The waste is often easy to detect because it
is dark and laying in white snow. However, removing it without taking a lot of snow with it is nearly impossible. We are able to remove waste in this scenario
but it's 100 times more difficult to do so than it is in non-snowy weather.

Waste Frozen Solid To The Surface:
There are occasions when we will get rain and then it freezes and the waste literally becomes frozen solid to the grass, concrete, deck surface, of wherever
the waste is found. Sometimes snow melts a little on a slightly warmer day, then it freezes back up and locks the waste into a snowy frozen situation. In most
of these circumstances, the amount of labor involved with removing the waste is not covered by the monthly amount our clients pay us.

Winter Thaws and Periods of No Snow:
These are the conditions we live for during the winter. When there is no snow on the ground, we can usually be 100% productive. When we get a thaw after
several days or weeks of snow and ice, we are allotted an opportunity to catch our clients up and will often have only a small window of a day or two in a
thawing state, and we will ignore the normal service day and make our service appointments when we see an opening toward productivity.

Winter weather dog waste removal has basically nothing in common with warmer weather dog waste removal. A pooper scooper service in say Florida, has
no idea what we encounter in places like Michigan. In short, the work is much, much more difficult and even our normal pricing scale is not relevant, yet we
maintain the same prices for simplicity's sake. Nonetheless, the concept of weekly or EOW (every other week) is not relevant during winter. Winter service is
provided on an
As Weather Allows basis. This will require a certain amount of trust on our clients' part during winter. We've had clients for over ten winters
that have never made an issue with our winter weather service, and others that got bent out of shape and cancelled.
I do ask that if you are going to retain our service during winter, that you read and understand this our winter service policy and that you trust us, as we have
been providing this service a long, long time. Trust me, we do not enjoy working so much harder only to deal with angry clients. We prefer to keep our yards
spotless at all times and pace our cleanings as we do during summer, but this is not possible during winter. If another company contradicts anything we've
included in our policy, they are mistaken or dishonest. There are no ways around the challenges that winter brings us. We are the best at dealing with winter
and will not drive around burning gas after we've received a recent snow fall only to walk into a client's back yard and find no waste. Visits will be scheduled
only when there is the possibility of productivity. Some winters allow for entire months of productivity, some do not.  Rest assured, if it can be removed
without heavy equipment (lol), we will remove it.
We encourage you to retain our service during winter rather than allowing waste to accumulate for months, only to find a disaster come March. If you are not
comfortable with our winter policy however, please do suspend service for the winter and we'll provide a spring clean for you in March or April. (prices vary)
We are very busy in March and April and it is vital if you do suspend service for winter that you pay for and schedule your spring clean in a timely fashion, or
you may have to live with your disaster longer than you would prefer. Clients that retain service during winter are always given priority service over those that
have suspended.
Winter Service Policy
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