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Poop Scoop
Dog Waste Removal Service
Your Oakland, Macomb & Wayne County Michigan Pooper-Scooper
Proudly locally owned and operated and serving Oakland County and Macomb County; including but not limited to:Auburn Hills Berkley Beverly Hills
Birmingham Bingham Farms Bloomfield Hills Canton Chesterfield Township  Clarkston ClawsonClinton Township Dearborn Heights Franklin Farmington
Farmington Hills Harrison Township Huntington Woods Ira Township Keego Harbor Lake Orion Lathrup Village Macomb Township Madison Heights Mount
Clemens  New Baltimore Northville Novi Orchard Lake Oxford Plymouth Pontiac    Rochester Rochester Hills Roseville Royal Oak Saint Clair Shores
Shelby Township Southfield Sterling Heights Sylvan Lake Troy Utica, Washington Township Waterford Warren West Bloomfield and more..
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The folks operating Pooper Scooper Queen have been in the dog pet waste/pooper-scooper removal/cleanup disposal service business since 1999. Poop Scoop
Queen's cleanup specialists will come to your home or business (wherever your dogs may be) on a weekly or every other week scheduled basis and locate, bag,
and remove the dog waste/poop from your property. Detroit Michigan metro dog owners never had it so good. Truly, Poop Scoop Queen relieves dog owners of
the least pleasant aspect of dog ownership. Serving Oakland County and Macomb County, Michigan;  PSQ (poop scoop queen) provides a professional, thorough
service. Please find the pricing chart below and to sign-up, please fill out the form below. Also, feel free to e-mail with any and all your questions.

Let Poop Scoop Queen relieve you of the least pleasant aspect of dog ownership. We pick up the poop so you don't have to!

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Birmingham Hoover Alabama Pooper Scooper Companies / Tuscaloosa Alabama poop scooping/ Alabama Dog Waste Removal AL - Alaska Pooper Scooper Companies / Alaska poop
scoop/ Alaska Dog Waste Removal Service -
Phoenix Arizona Pooper Scooper Companies / Scottsdale Arizona pet poop disposal / Glendale Arizona Dog Waste Removal Companies AZ
Companies CO
/ Denver Colorado pet waste disposal / Colorado Dog feces removal - Fairfield Connecticut Pooper Scooper Companies / Bridgeport Connecticut Dog Poop Cleanup /
Stamford Connecticut Pet Waste Disposal / Wilmington Delaware Dog Waste Removal -Boca Raton Florida Pooper Scooper Companies / Orlando Florida poop scooping business FL /
Jacksonville Florida Dog Waste Removal - Atlanta Georgia Pooper Scooper Companies GA / Georgia dog waste removal service / Alpharetta Georgia Dog Waste Removal - Hawaii
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Waste Removal Service - Lake County Illinois Pooper Scooper Companies IL  / Illinois cleanup for dogs / Chicago Illinois Dog Waste Removal - Chicago Illinois Pooper Scooper
Companies  - Indiana Pooper Scooper Companies IN / Indianapolis Indiana dog poop pickup  / Fort Wayne Indiana Dog Waste Removal -Des Moines Iowa Pooper Scooper Companies  /
Iowa poop disposal
/ Iowa Dog Waste Removal Service - Kansas Pooper Scooper Companies / Kansas dog poop cleanup / Kansas Dog Waste Removal - Lexington Kentucky Pooper
Scooper Companies KY  / Louisville Kentucky dog poop gold mine  - Kentucky Dog Waste Removal - Baton Rouge Louisiana Pooper Scooper Companies / New Orleans Louisiana pet
poop pickup /  Louisiana Dog Waste Removal -Portland Maine Pooper Scooper / Maine pet cleanup / Maine Dog Waste Removal - Rockville Maryland Pooper Scooper Companies -  
Baltimore Maryland Pooper Scooper Companies /  /Rockville Maryland Dog Waste Removal - Boston Massachusetts Pooper Scooper Companies / Boston Massachusetts pet poop
cleanup MA   - Massachusetts Dog Waste Removal -Bloomfield Hills Michigan Pooper Scooper Companies / Birmingham Michigan dog waste pickup MI / Chesterfield Township Michigan
Dog Waste Removal - Anoka Minnesota Pooper Scooper Companies MN / Minnesota poop scoopers / Minnesota Dog Waste Removal - Olive Branch Mississippi Pooper Scooper
Companies MS / Mississippi pet poop disposal / Mississippi dog Waste Removal - St. Louis Missouri Pooper Scooper Companies  / Chesterfield Missouri dog poop clean up /  Kansas
City Missouri Dog Waste Removal Service - Montana Pooper Scooper Companies / Missoula Montana dog poop pickup / Montana Dog Waste Removal - Omaha Nebraska Pooper
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Hampshire Dog Waste Removal -
Essex County New Jersey Pooper Scooper Companies / Union County New Jersey dog doo doo /  New Jersey Dog Waste Removal - New Mexico
Pooper Scooper Companies
 / New Mexico spanish waste / New Mexico Dog Waste Removal -Long Island New York Pooper Scooper Companies NY / Staten Island New York big city
poop Nassau & Suffolk New York Pet Feces Cleanup - Westchester County Removal Disposal / Westchester New York Dog Waste Removal - Charlotte North Carolina Pooper Scooper
NC / Mecklenburg North Carolina Tar Poop / Raleigh Durham North Carolina Dog Waste Removal - Fargo North Dakota Pooper Scooper / North Dakota something to doo doo/ North
Dakota Dog Waste Removal -
Columbus Ohio Pooper Scooper Companies OH / Cincinnati Ohio Dog Waste Removal -Oklahoma City Oklahoma Pooper Scooper / Tulsa Oklahoma
Cowboy scoop / Oklahoma Dog Waste Removal - Portland Oregon Pooper Scooper / Eugene Oregon pet poop cleanup / Beaverton Oregon Dog Waste Removal -Philadelphia
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Texas Dog Waste Removal - Provo Utah Pooper Scooper Companies / Salt Lake City Utah mile high waste clean / Utah dog poop cleanup / Utah Dog Waste Removal - Burlington
Vermont Pooper Scooper Companies / Vermont poop scooping/ Vermont Dog Waste Removal -  Falls Church Virginia Pooper Scooper Companies VA / Arlington Virginia pet poop
cleanup / Richmond Virginia dog Waste Removal -
Seattle Washington Pooper Scooper Companies / King County Washington pet poop disposal / Mountlake Terrace Washington Dog
Waste Removal - West Virgina Pooper Scooper Companies / Charleston West Virginia Pet Madison Wisconsin Waste Elimination / West Virginia Dog Waste Removal - Wisconsin
Pooper Scooper Companies Information WI / Wisconsin dog poo/ Wisconsin Dog Waste Removal - Wyoming Pooper Scooper Companies / Wyoming pet poop pickup / Casper Wyoming
dog Waste Removall / Virginia pooper scooper companies / VA pooper scooper / Virgina dog waste cleanup. Pooper scooper companies directory.
Directory of pet poop cleanup and
disposal companies. Washington DC dog feces cleanup.  Del Mar Canine feces doggie dung cleanup. Twin-cities tri-cities, tri-county poop scooping poop scoopers.  
Denton Texas and Marietta Georgia Metropolitan area pooper scooper.
Poop Scoop Queen is very proud to offer pooper scooper dog pet waste removal pickup disposal service to Trenton and Wyandotte Michigan. If you reside in Trenton or Wyandotte Michigan and have yet to use a
pooper scooper service, we encourage you to use a dog pet waste poop removal service. Poop Scoop Queen has been in the pooper scooper business for over 10 years. We started scooping poop in 1999. Poop
scooping is a year long endeavor in Trenton and Wyandotte Michigan and we provide dog waste pet cleanup 12 months of the year. Pooper Scooper companies come to dog owner's properties and provide removal of
all the dog waste. Poop scooping Trenton and Wyandotte Michigan is a needed service and Poop Scoop queen is proud to provide Trenton and Wyandotte Michigan with pet poop cleanup. If you would like your yard
poop free, e-mail Poop Scoop Queen today.
Wayne county pooper scooper dog pet waste poop feces removal cleanup pickup and disposal. Serving Trenton and Wyandotte  Michigan dog pet canine waste poop feces removal cleanup pickup and disposal. Trenton and Wyandotte Michigan poop
scooper scooping dog waste and poop. if you reside in Trenton and Wyandotte Michigan hire poop scoop queen pooper scooper company.
We are a Trenton and Wyandotte Michigan pooper scooper service. We provide dog pet waste poop removal to Trenton and Wyandotte Michigan. We are poop scooping in Trenton and Wayandotte Michigan. A pooper scooper provides dog waste removal, this cleans dog poop. It is
dog pet waste poop disposal and pickup. When you next need a Trenton and Wyandotte dog waste removal service, call Poop Scoop Queen.
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2 Dogs                       $15.00                $12.50                   $21.00                                 $28                                          $90
3 Dogs                       $17.00                $14.00                   $23.00                                 $30                                          $100
4 Dogs                       $19.00                $15.00                   Not Recommended          Not Recommended                      $110
5 Dogs                       $21.00                $17.00                   Not Recommended          Not Recommended                      $120
6 Dogs  or more are  individually quoted.
Please add $3 monthly (does not apply to one visit per month plan) to all prices for monthly disposal fee.

First time/initial cleans are extra and are quoted on an individual basis.
*Please note: Winter service varies substantially from non-inclement weather service and we ask that you read and agree to our winter service policy.