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Directory Listing Pricing Structure Explanation.

Each city or county listing is exclusive. This is to say if you are listed for Toledo, Ohio  no one else will be able to list in Toledo.
Simply stated, we break our headings into reasonable service areas, be they city or county headings, depending on population
size. Thus, when you purchase a listing, you are not only purchasing the best in internet advertising, you are also preventing
your competitors the same privilege. Each listing begins at $10 monthly and you may purchase as many headings as you
want. You may prepay 6 or 12 months. During that period your listing is secure and will run the duration of your prepay. We will
accept bids from other interested parties, however, that must be at least 20% above the current price, which will be $10 initially.
So a new interested person offers $12 per month, the current advertiser may match any bid and retain the listing at the new
price. The price increase would initiate after the current prepay period. If the current lister does not match a new bid, at the end
of the prepay the listing is changed to the new client.  The new client now also has first refusal matching rights on any bid,
going forward.
When the current listing matches a new bid, the new bidder, or someone else, can raise the bid, and the process ensues
once more. Theoretically, the bid could be raised and matched many times and there is no upper limit on raising the bid..
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automatically when you purchase a listing here with!
* Please note that some of our listing are enjoying free parking. Just because a business is listed, does not
mean the listing unavailable for $10 monthly.. please inquire.