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Someone somewhere likes to pose the rhetorical question, got dog poop? If you own a dog, you do! The good news is our
directory offers you the answers to your dog poop problems. Find a dog poop removal service in our directory. Most if not all
major metropolitan areas now have at least one dog waste removal service available to cleanup your mess. There are
service plans to fit all budgets. Weekly dog poop removal is most common and typically costs around $50 monthly, and
varies depending upon numbers of dogs and other factors. I've often said if dog poop removal were free, everyone would
sign up. While $50 per month is a good bargain, especially in this day and age in the service sector, this service would
represent one more monthly bill. If you are looking for a less expensive option, consider EOW - every other week. The cost
per dog waste removal visit increases (more dog waste has accumulated), but the cost per month goes down because there
are fewer poop scoop visits. Some dog owners can even get by with one poop scoop visit per month; especially those with
small dogs or big yards, or both. Another service option to consider is a one-time dog waste removal spring clean. One-time
cleans can be purchased anytime of year, for a special occasion or any time it's needed. Spring cleans are extremely
common as many dog owners can keep up on the dog feces during good weather, but fall behind during winter. In places
like West Bloomfield, Troy, or Rochester Hills Michigan, it's not uncommon to be cleaning 3-5 months worth of dog poop
accumulation, and $60-$100 is generally considered money well spent.

We encourage you to find a professional in our directory and consider paying for some if not all of your dog poop removal.
Someone has to clean the dog feces, but it doesn't have to be you!
What's The Best Way To Acquire Clients?

I've been in the dog waste cleanup service business since 1999 and I've tried every type of marketing and advertising you
could possibly imagine. If trial and error brings about proficiency, I should be  very good with marketing at this point. Always
remember, it's not so much about the amount of business a particular form of advertising produces, but far more important
is the percentage return on what you spent on advertising to bring in that business. We'll refer to this percentage as ROI, or

Return on Investment
. As follows are but a few of the advertising mediums I have formerly utilized as part of my dog poop
removal marketing campaign. Remember, the first rule of business is that you have to let people know your product or
service exists. Do not fear or avoid advertising, because you will violate this first rule.

Broadcast TV  Did a lot of it and did acquire a fair amount of business from it. However, it's not targeted so you are often
tempted to expand service area in order to justify the expense of the 30 second commercial spots. The expense and
difficulty involved with production is not a selling point either.  Can be effective but you need a larger advertising budget. The
ROI is not especially impressive because the advertising is so pricey. It was not uncommon for me to spend $600 and not
receive a client.

Cable TV  It's targeted, unlike broadcast TV, but so much so that you do not have enough audience to justify the expense. I
did not have much success with cable TV advertising.

Newspapers (Old Faithful) Now remember, much of this is anecdotal, but newspapers no longer pull the way they once did.
(Later on this page, I'll tell you what vacuum sucked up newspapers advertising) Newspapers used to provide a respectable
amount of new dog poop removal clients for the $60 to $600 a month we'd pay. Recent usage of newspaper advertising
noted a seismic shit in marketing results, to the negative for newspapers.

I could go on and tell you about billboards (too expensive in the Detroit market at least) or direct mail which just doesn't
produce the results to justify the expense these days. I'll summarize however by saying that the best and only advertising for
us is the internet.

The internet is far and away the best way to acquire poop scooping clients and the ROI winner by far!  Even those who
invest virtually no money at all, beyond a simple website, gain clients from the internet. If you want to acquire poop scooping
clients, consider your internet strategy carefully, and don't waste your money on those other marketing endeavors.

What's The Best Internet Strategy?

The internet is like a lot of  things in life, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.  In order to acquire poop scooping
clients, you need to be found on the major search engines (Google Yahoo Bing) for the keywords that are important to the
industry: keywords such as "Dog Poop" Dog Poop Removal" "Dog Poop Removal Service" "Poop Scoop" and
"Pooper-Scooper". Although pages 2-10 are of value, the most important place to be found is on page #1. The top 5 listings
receive many more clicks than the bottom 5, but first page in general is where you want to be.
You want to be found on the first page of the search engines for all of the major keywords and phrases, and you want to be
found in as many listings as possible, in order to increase your likelihood of getting a click. Pooper scooper directories such
as DogPoop.info can easily and affordably place you on Google's first page for "dog poop removal". If you are running a
pooper scooper company and you can not be found on the first page of Google, you need to take some time and read this
page more than once to let it sink in that you need to reassess your thoughts on marketing in general, and on the internet
There are only so many ways to Google page 1. You can get your own website to page 1. However, if you are a new scooper
with a new website, you probably will have to wait to get to page one because newer websites do not show as well as their
more mature counter parts. Let me paint a comparison of Company A and Company B.
Company A is and older scooper company. The website is doing well and often hits page 1 on Google on it's own. The
owner is rightly proud of the website's success, but he/she is of an independent mind set and does not want to pay for any
scooping directories. Company B is a new scooper that realizes he/she needs to be on page 1 however he can get there.
So he/she is paying for pay per click (to a search engine) and is listed on three of the scooping directories. So when we run
a search on Google, let's say there are two paid listings (company b is one of them) and the normal 10 organic search
results, and 3 of company B's scooper directories are also on page 1, which is common. Scooper company B is now
present on 4 of the 12 listings (33%) on page 1, Company A is only on one listing (<10%). Assuming similar page position
and other things being equal, the more listings your business has on a page 1,the more customers you are going to
acquire from the internet.. You want as many listings pointing to your business on page one as possible even if it costs you
an arm and a leg, because this is the best advertising possible. Everyone goes to the internet when they want to find a
EVERYONE! The best part of the internet however is not the incredible response rate it can generate, it's the
incredibly efficient business model that the internet is that can provide successful advertising at a fraction of old media

The Best Internet Strategy For A Pooper Scooper Includes Pooper-Scooper Directories Such as
Dog Poop.info

I personally utilize 4 pooper scooper directories. I also use AdWords Pay Per Click. I feel that in order to get proper page 1
exposure for the major keyword phrases, I need 3 or 4 directories, each of which has it's own search engine strengths and
weaknesses. Having all 4 makes it hard to miss me. The good news is that
www.Dog Waste Removal Service.com is free when you list here at Dog Poop.info, so you have two directories with just the
one purchase. Most directories charge $10-15 a month which is an incredible bargain considering the hundreds of pet
waste removal clients the search engines will send you once you have a first page presence. You can be on 4 pooper
scooper directories for around $30 a month. Back in the day, $40 a month could not buy you a classified ad in the pets
secdtion of the paper, and the add did not work half as well as the internet. Talk to a direct mailing rep about $40 a month
and they will laugh. I encourage all poop scooping companies to list on 3-5 feces scoping directories whether you have a
great website, a new website, are doing pay per click, or are not using pay per click. (Pay per click costs more but I
recommend that too. You'll be spending hundreds per month but you do receive results). This scooping directory is here to
help you be found on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We'll put you on page 1, and page 1 is worth much more than $10, but that's
where our directory listings start. Let us help you grow your business!
Happy Poop Scooping!

www.Dog Poop.info!
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